History of WFDRSA

Below shows a timeline of how WFDRSA was established:

Timeline of the Events

1983.10 JFD Board decided to accept the request by the late Dr. Anderson.
1983.11 JFD informed WFD Secretariat of the acceptance of the request.
1983.12 WFD RSA was established in Japan and WFD announced that WFD located WFDRSA in Japan.
1984.02 JFD announced that WFD RSA was located in Japan and the first Regional Director was Mr. Shozaburo Takeshima, who was the General Secretary of JFD.

Directors of the WFDRSA

1984-1994 Mr. Shozaburo Takeshima
1994-2000 Mr. Eiichi Takada
2000-2008 Mr. Takeo Ogura
2008-2015 Mr. Ichiro Miyamoto

Director: Mr. Yasunori Shimamoto

Deputy Director: Ms. Ka Weng U

Timeline of Previous Venue for WFDRSA Events

Time Host WFDRSA Representatives Meeting WFDRSA Conference World Congress of WFD
WFDRSA/P 1984.12 Hong Kong 1st - -
1986.10 *Kyoto, Japan 2nd 1st -
1988.03 Melbourne, Australia 3rd 2nd -
1991.07 Tokyo, Japan 4th - 11th
1992.04 Seoul, Korea 5th 3rd -
1994.12 New Delhi, India 6th - -
1995.07 Vienna, Austria 7th - 12th
1996.12 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 8th 4th -
1997.07 Yokohama, Japan 9th - -
1998.10 Kathmandu, Nepal 10th - -
1999.08 Brisbane, Australia 11th - 13th
2000.12 ^Ayutthaya, Thailand 12th - -
2001.12 Hong Kong 13th - -
2002.10 Osaka, Japan 14th - -
2003.07 Montreal, Canada 15th - 14th
2004.12 Jakarta, Indonesia 16th - -
2005.09 Shanghai, China 17th - -
2006.12 Macau 18th - -
2007.07 Madrid, Spain 19th - 15th
2008.12 Pokhara, Nepal 20th - -
2009.11 Gyeongju, Korea 21st - -
2010.11 Tagaytay, Philippines 22nd - -
2011.07 Durban, South Africa 23rd - 16th
2012.12 #Hong Kong 24th - -
WFDRSA 2013.10 Sydney, Australia 25th - -
2014.08 Macau 26th - -
2015.07 Istanbul, Turkey 27th - 17th
2016.10 Singapore 28th 5th -
2017.11 Budapest, Hungary 29th - -
2018 Bangkok, Thailand 30th - -
2019 Paris, France 31st - 18th


* It’s decided to add Pacific into WFDRSA, thus it became WFDRSA/P since then. 

^ The Bylaws of the WFDRSA/P was adopted and the Management Committee was established. 

# It’s agreed with the conclusion on the separation of Asia and the Pacific.

The most important foundation for the discussion in the Asia Region is the WFDRSA Representatives Meeting, which is held annually and hosted by the Ordinary Members of the WFDRSA. The experience of hosting the meeting greatly empowers the host association and also helps to raise awareness about deaf persons among the public in the host country. 

In parallel with the WFDRSA/P Representatives Meeting, the APYS Representative Meeting was first held in Nepal in 2008, with the focus and emphasis on deaf youth of the Asia Region. WFD RSA Youth Camp is held every two years for deaf youth at the eligible age ranges from 18 to 35 years old. For more details, please click here (ADYS).