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WFD RSA Representatives Meetings 2019 took place between 12-14th December 2018 in Paris, France. The Meetings include 31st WFD RSA Representatives Meeting, 9th WFD RSA Youth Section Representatives Meeting, The Meetings had a total of 47 participants including delegates and observers.

For the 31th WFD RSA Representatives Meeting, delegates from 10 OM countries/regions and observers from 2 non-OM countries participated the meeting. Matters regarding the membership fees, about the voting for new Management Committee of WFD RSA, future activities, etc. were discussed at the Meeting. However, it was also a significant year for the WFDRSA as there was the election of the new Management Committee Members.

After the voting and counting of votes, the members of the Committee Members for 2019-2022 have been elected.

They are:



Country/Region of Origin

Ms. U Ka Weng, Clarissa

Regional Director


Mr. Yasunori Shimamoto

Deputy Regional Director


Mr. Withayoot Bunnag

Members of Committee Members


Mr. Au Shi Tong Tony

Members of Committee Members

Hong Kong