WFDRSA recently had a work meeting with the WFD Asia Deaf Youth Section (ADYS) and had a work group meeting within the WFDSRA for bettering the guidelines of WFDRSA.

Before the 6th WFD ADYS Representatives Meeting that took place in Singapore, ADYS was working by themselves towards the affairs related to the deaf youth in the Asia region. At the 6th WFD ADYS Representatives Meeting which took place in Singapore in 2016, new Board of ADYS was elected. In addition to the new ADYS Board, it was also decided that ADYS to work closely under WFDRSA.

In Macau, the Board of ADYS had their work meeting first, then there was the meeting with the WFDRSA. The meetings helped clear some of the doubts about the future collaborations, and sharing on the ideas of the cooperation between WFDRSA and ADYS. WFDSRA is happy to see the active participations and contributions of the ADYS Board.





With the draft of Internal Rules completed, the WFDRSA had their work group meeting on the refinement of the Guidelines of WFDRSA. This is to help the countries/regions in Asia have a better understanding regarding the management and composition of the WFDRSA.




While the ADYS was in Macau, ADYS had a sharing with the local deaf youth, with the help of the Macau Deaf Association Youth Section (MDAYS). The sharing was to help the local deaf youth in Macau to understand the different deaf youth development in the Asia region and to help them understand the history, objectives and development of the ADYS.

Three of the current members of the Management Committee (MC) of WFDRSA were founding members of the APYS (previous name of the ADYS), which was a great opportunity to show the deaf youth the importance of active participation and hard work will lead them far. Below are some photos taken during the ADYS Sharing.