It’s a great opportunity for the WFD RSA to visit Vientiane, Laos and understand more about their deaf organization and education of the deaf. It's such a joy to see young deaf children signing so well.

At the meeting with Laos’ Department of Education, we are delighted to know that they strongly support the education for the deaf in sign language. They respect the importance of sign language to be the main language at school. In the school, there are deaf and hearing teachers who can sign very well. This is very important in the education for the deaf children. It’s a good way to end WFD RSA’s first visit to Laos and see that sign language plays an important role for the deaf children in Laos.

圖片 9

Meeting with Laos Department of Education


圖片 10

Exchanging with Laos local deaf teacher


圖片 11

Group Photo with the Warm and Welcoming Deaf Children